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Representative Peter Abbarno

“Cowlitz County Sheriff Brad Thurman is a strong and reliable voice for law enforcement in the State Legislature. I endorse the re-election of Sheriff Thurman because he is an important partner in our efforts to opposed legislation that makes our families, communities, and state less safe. I look forward to working with Sheriff Thurman on solutions to reduce crime, protect law abiding citizens, and support law enforcement.”

 I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of the Cowlitz County Deputies and Sergeants Guild. The men and women of the Sheriff's Office have dedicated themselves to serve the public safety needs of the citizens of Cowlitz County and are uniquely qualified to assess the qualifications, experience, vision and leadership of the candidates. I share their commitment to preserving and improving the quality of life we enjoy in Cowlitz County. They are joined by the Police Officers of Castle Rock and Kalama in supporting professional Law Enforcement focused on public safety. 


Brad Thurman




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Representative Peter Abbarno

Dawn Allen

Bill Ammons

Patty Ammons

Darryl Arrera

Stephanie Arrera

Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins

Sue Baur

Carol Bales

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Eric Bentson

Aleesa Beringer

Rob Beringer

Mike Berndt

Jack Berry

Chris Blanchard

Lauren Boudreau

Spencer Boudreau

Ashley Bradfield

Senator John Braun

Paul Bricknell

Keri Brightbill

Troy Brightbill

Skamania County Sheriff Dave Brown

Sammy Brown

Carolyn Caines

Michael Caines

Jeff Cameron

Castle Rock Police Officers Guild

Cowlitz County Deputies & Sergeants Guild

Craig Christianson

Daniel Coleman

Joe Roy Conner

Daniel Connolly

Stephanie Connolly

Wendy Conradi

Berna Cortnik

John Croco

Duane Dalgleish

Jeri Dalgleish

Rob Dahl

Steve Dahl

Jim De Bruler

Bonnie Decius

Kelly DeRosier

Neil DeRosier

Scott DeRosier

Lisa Diaz

Katie Dorchester

Curtis Dorcheus

Susan Dorcheus

Chief James Duscha (retired)

Kim Duscha

Flip Eiland

Candi Engebo

Doug Engebo

Doug Fields

Will Finn

Jazmyne Fisher

Rich Fletcher

Bentley Freville

Pat Fulton

Mario Gamabaro

Joe Gardner

Lorenzo Gladson

Morgan Graves

Lisa Gregory

Patricia Gurrad

Bill Hallanger

Pat Hallanger

Vern Hamby

James Hanberry
Dave Handy

Terrie Handy

Anthony Harris

Brent Harris

Julie Harris

Katrina Harris

Michael Hazelwood

Alan Headley

Castle Rock Mayer Paul Helenberg

Ralph Herrera

Retired Castle Rock Chief of Police Bob Heuer

Wahkiakum County Sheriff Mark Howie

Marisa Hutcheosn

Michael Imhoff Jr.

Jeremy Johnson

John Johnston

Prosecutor Ryan Jurvakainen

Kalama Police Officers Guild

Mike Karnofski

Jim Keller

Greg Kelly

Jim Kelly

Julie Kelly

Jonell Day Kenagy

Margie Kephart

Craig Kiggins

Carol Kreider

Darr Kirk

Chief Criminal Prosecutor Tom Ladouceur

Amy LaFave

Retired Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue Chief Dave LaFave

Kalei LaFave

Ramona Leber

Joanna Lee

Roy Lee

Tom Lee

Don Lemmons

Melody Lot

Bill Mahoney

Jeannette Mahoney

Laurie Mahoney

Steve Mahoney

Hal Mahnke

Mainstream Republicans of Washington

Jerry Marston

Andrew Masters

Ashley Masters

Christie Masters

Emily Masters
Grace Masters

Hannah Masters

Nathan Masters

Rachel Masters

Richard McCaine

Wanda McCaine

Dan McCracken

Todd McDaniel

Representative Joel McEntire

Ciliatra McIndoo

Terry McLaughlin

Riley McNeal

Jana McWilliams

Steve McWilliams

Koll Myklebust

County Clerk Staci Myklebust

Kaylynn Neuneker

Scott Neves

Callie Neves

Taylor Nichols

Andy Ogden

Jayse Ohlson

Danny O'Neill

Judy O'Neill

Hal Palmer

Larri Palmer

Pat Palmer

Sally Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. David Parsons

Lorna Peck

Former Longview Police Chief Alex Perez

Jim Peters

Norma Peters

Roger Peters

Brandon Poff

Stacie Poff

Barbara Poole

Mike Reuter

Charlotte Rosen

Charlie Rosenzweig

Sandi Rosenzweig

Cora Ridley

Bradley Rinard Sr.

Kimberly Rinard

Jeannette Schibelli

Retired Kelso Chief of Police Steve Schibelli

Craig Shelton

Tory Shelton

Tyler Silva

Ann Skeie

Mark Skeie

Barbara Skreen

Darwin Smith

Duane Smith

Eric Smith

Eva Smith

Jack Smith

Jason Smith

Katherine Smith

Kim Smith
Rebecca Smith

Richard Smith, Sr.
Jordan Spencer

Kyra Spencer

Harry Ronald Stone

John Stuart, Jr.

Rob Stumph

Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza

Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza

Jordan Spencer

Kyra Spencer

Jon Stanfill, Kalama City Council Member

Former Kelso Chief of Police Tony Stoutt

Kris Swanson

Chris Sweet

Wendy Sweet

Stan Tallbut

Garrett Thurman

Laura Thurman

Madison Thurman

Toutle Volunteer Firefighters Association

Cody Traub

Huyen Truong

Dana Tucker

Lavonna Tucker

Darren Ullmann

Bob Von Roch

Mike Wallin

MaryAlice Wallis

Representative Jim Walsh

Sam Wardle

Washington State Farm Bureau PAC

Ralph Webb Jr.

County Commissioner Dennis Weber

Kris McElroy Weber

Clifton Weiss

Senator Jeff Wilson

Charlie Worley

Haylee Yakovich