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Dates, locations, and times will be announced on Facebook. Click Here.

Brad Kalama parade 1_edited.png

Kalama Fair Parade

Brad Kalama parade 2_edited.jpg
Brad Lexington Meet and Greet_edited.jpg

Lexington Meet and Greet

parade group BEST_edited.jpg
Highlander 2_edited.jpg
Highlander 1_edited.png

Highlander Festival

Highlander 3_edited.jpg
fair booth_edited.jpg

Brad and Steve McWilliams at the Cowlitz County Fair Booth

3 candidates in Ryderwood_InPixio_edited.jpg
Brad and fellow Republican candidates Dana Tucker (Coroner) and Christie Masters (County Commissioner) visiting Ryderwood
woodland blue car_edited.jpg

Woodland's Planters Days Parade

Brad's campaign was a sponsor at the rodeo this year!

rodeo banner_edited.jpg
rodeo horse_edited.png
parade group_edited.jpg

Longview's Go 4th Parade

candidates at int'l festival_edited.jpg
go 4th parade car_edited_edited.jpg
Brad flanked by fellow Republican candidates at the International Festival
left: Dana Tucker, Candidate for Coroner
right: Christie Masters, Candidate for Cowlitz County Commissioner
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