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Representative Peter Abbarno

“Cowlitz County Sheriff Brad Thurman is a strong and reliable voice for law enforcement in the State Legislature. I endorse the re-election of Sheriff Thurman because he is an important partner in our efforts to opposed legislation that makes our families, communities, and state less safe. I look forward to working with Sheriff Thurman on solutions to reduce crime, protect law abiding citizens, and support law enforcement.”

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Sue Baur, former Cowlitz County Prosecutor

Here are my four recommendations on the ballot this fall: Julie Anderson, Brad Thurman, John Jabusch, and Dana Tucker. They all are dedicated to serving you, the people, above special interests.

Julie Anderson will make a great secretary of state (our state's chief elections officer). Currently the Pierce County elections chief, she is running as a non-partisan which is just fine for this job. The appointed opponent had no experience but collected a $100,000 contribution from the Democrats. Vote for Julie!

Brad Thurman has delivered on his promise for management reforms as Cowlitz County sheriff. A man of integrity, Brad has earned his re-election. Vote for Brad.

John Jabusch has added a welcomed pragmatism to the Cowlitz County board of commissioners. He cares about people in need, but supports programs that are designed to be a hand up, not a hand out. Retain Jabusch.

Dana Tucker is well-prepared to serve us as county coroner. Her training and experience match her compassion for families. We can be proud of her dedication to this county. Vote for Dana.

Dennis Weber

Being a longtime resident and business owner, I have had the opportunity to meet lots of people.   During these years, I have gotten to know many of the Sheriffs; Reynolds, Bevins, Nelson… and many more.  Our Current Sheriff, Brad Thurman, has made a career serving our community in many different capacities within the Sheriff’s department.

I admire Brad! He is one of a kind! He is a man with high principles; an amazing leader that truly cares about his community, department, and family.  He has the knowledge and background that has served his department well. He is one that listens and is willing to create solutions that will be in the best interest for everyone.  He has created a department that runs on honesty and integrity, thus creating an environment to thrive in.

If you ask his Deputies why they stay, they will tell you that they have a leader that cares. They have a great moral within the department because their administration stands “with” them, NOT “against” them, unlike many other departments.


Bill Ammons

I have known Brad Thurman to be a person of high moral integrity, truthfulness, and as one who displays professional wisdom. During our interactions, both personal and professional, he is consistently approachable, willing to listen, and always willing to help. I understand the need for government change in our nation, state, and local government; that said, we now have a proven leader in local law enforcement who ensures the highest caliber of deputies are hired to uphold the law in Cowlitz County. There are many who confuse exactly what a county sheriff has the authority to do under the constitution. Brad Thurman supports the Federal and State Constitutions and respects the separation of power between the three branches of government each creates. Under his leadership he has increased staffing and assigned more deputies to criminal enforcement. He is committed to training and equipping deputies to better serve the community. I’m asking you to not take my word for it, but to do your homework and see for yourself. Please join me in supporting Brad Thurman.

Jack Berry

As a former prosecutor for Cowlitz County, I worked with Brad for many years.  His investigations were of the highest quality and led to many successful outcomes for the citizens of Cowlitz County.  He has the experience, integrity, intelligence, and compassion needed to perform the many varied duties of the Sheriff.  I wholehearedly endorse Brad Thurman for Cowlitz County Sheriff.

 I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of the Cowlitz County Deputies and Sergeants Guild. The men and women of the Sheriff's Office have dedicated themselves to serve the public safety needs of the citizens of Cowlitz County and are uniquely qualified to assess the qualifications, experience, vision and leadership of the candidates. I share their commitment to preserving and improving the quality of life we enjoy in Cowlitz County. They are joined by the Police Officers of Castle Rock and Kalama in supporting professional Law Enforcement focused on public safety. 


Brad Thurman




I’ve voted Democrat in just about every election in my life. This fall, I support Brad Thurman, a Republican, for sheriff.

Of course, his opponent is also Republican.

But after listening to both candidates speak, I’ve come to appreciate Thurman’s earnestness. He strikes me as firm, but fair. Like all of us, he navigates a strange political landscape, filled with uncommon anger and hostility. 

He’s guided by his Christian faith. And while normally I'm suspicious of people who boast of their relationships with God, Brad comes across differently. Brad approaches his work with humility. 

His opponent offers a different approach. Rob Gibbs proclaims himself a "constitutional sheriff". Self-described constitutional sheriffs assert that they are the supreme legal authority with the power and duty to defy or disregard laws they regard as unconstitutional.

That's the LAST thing we need from a sheriff.

Brad Thurman provides a calm resolve for his deputies. I trust his guidance. And I trust his office.

Please join me in re-electing Brad Thurman.


Dave Grumbois

This is an endorsement for Brad Thurman for Cowlitz County Sheriff. I have personally known Brad for over 20 years. Brad is a true leader in Cowlitz county and has a genuine passion for the welfare and safety of its citizens. Brad is professional, trustworthy, and hard working. He has a proven track record in his law enforcement career. Please re-elect Brad Thurman for Sheriff!

Sandi Rosenzweig

I feel it is important to express, in my own words, why I support and endorse Brad Thurman for sheriff of Cowlitz County.

If the professional reputation, efficiency, effectiveness and stability of an organization reflect its leadership, by all conceivable metrics, Sheriff Thurman is doing an exemplary job as sheriff.

I would encourage voters to examine, as I have, Sheriff Thurman’s 35-plus years of dedicated law enforcement service (all to the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office), his defense of the Constitution, and his success in fully staffing his organization

Reflect on his proven public leadership, work history, decision-making, reliability, resiliency and problem-solving. And have confidence, as I have, that the top law enforcement official in Cowlitz County has PROVED he is qualified and experienced to lead an organization through challenges when they arise. More importantly, he leverages those qualifications and experience to anticipate those challenges before they arise to train and prepare the organization. This is the leadership Cowlitz County and the city of Kalama deserve.

Mike Reuter

I highly recommend you vote to re-elect Brad Thurman for Cowlitz County sheriff. He has proved himself in that position and is definitely the most qualified candidate. You can check out his experience at and hear an in-depth interview with Mike Wallin on KEDO at

Here's an acrostic so you remember his name and why I’ll be voting for him.

BRAD THURMAN for Sheriff

B ravely protecting the

R ights and safety of

A ll in 34 years of

D edicated service.

T ried and true.

H olding firm for our

U nalienable rights.

R estoring confidence in deputies.

M an of character

A ddressing crime.

N o candidate his equal.


Carolyne Caines

There are rumors going around that Cowlitz County Sheriff Brad Thurman is against our constitution because he didn't step up and arrest Gov. Jay Inslee over his stupid COVID laws.

You aren't very smart if you even think that is possible for a county sheriff to do. I know Brad and he is very much for our constitution and the rights of the people. Who do you think stood up to Inslee and his unconstitutional COVID laws and refused to enforce them? It was Brad Thurman.

Brad is a great person, very kind, caring and an honest man who always is working for the people and the betterment of our county. Don't listen to people who don't have a clue what they are talking about.

Vote Brad Thurman for Cowlitz Count sheriff.

Cora Risley

Brad Thurman and Dana Tucker deserve our votes.

Dana Tucker has the requisite training and experience to become our County Coroner. She has the support of most of the Washington State Coroner/Medical Examiner community. With Dana in that office, we will have a Coroner without the unresolved legal and ethical questions we currently have. Instead, we will have an honest, experienced, trusted, compassionate, and competent Coroner.

Sheriff Thurman has successfully accomplished most of the goals he set for himself 4 years ago. He’s done that under some of the most challenging times we can imagine. After losing a Deputy to horrific violence, he brought the Sheriff’s office together to help them all heal while, at the same time, continued to protect citizens. Then Covid. He wrote the initial resolution the County Commissioners signed asking Governor Inslee to retract his draconian mandates. He has studied and believes deeply in the Constitutions of the United States and Washington State and in the oath he took. We should stay in the strong caring hands of Sheriff Thurman.


Carol Bales

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